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ALICE Featured Videos

  • OU

    Ohio University

    July 1, 2014

    Ohio University is a public university located in Athens, Ohio. With over 37,000 students enrolled throughout its campuses and over 1,100 full-time faculty, OU is one of the larger univiersities in Ohio. Watch Video | Learn more about Ohio University

  • Oak Hills

    Oak Hills Local School District

    June 10, 2014

    The Oak Hills Local School District is the third largest school system in Hamilton County, located in western Cincinnati. Educational opportunities for the approximately 8,200 preschool through 12th graders teach innovation, collaboration, communication, adaptability, and provide real world experiences for

  • Waltham

    Waltham Public Schools

    May 29, 2014

    Waltham Public Schools in Waltham, MA are rolling out ALICE Training throughout their school district. The students of the Waltham High TV studio compiled this ALICE training video which will be shown to the high school and middle school students

Featured Blog Posts


WV Infrastructure Protection Programs - June 2014

I spent many years reaching the public in an effort to get the layperson trained in CPR. Your enthusiasm and passion cause your audience to understand the value and necessity the ALICE training brings. My career spans...

William A. Minear II CPP PPS
WV Infrastructure Protection Programs
BRTC-Law Enforcement Training Academy - April 2014

When I first heard that I was being sent to ALICE by my director, I'll admit that I wasn't too excited.  Then, when I met our instructor Sean, I knew I was in the right place.  When he began talking about Boyd's OOD...

Chris Hankins
BRTC-Law Enforcement Training Academy
Dodge City Public Schools - May 2014

My teachers have completely changed their mind set and we’ve discussed and worked on it each week.  In fact, we had an armed robbery last week at a Quick Trip, while I had 40 kids eating pizza with the Principal.  When they called me they had ...

Kathy Ramsour
Dodge City Public Schools
Texas Region 8 ESC

I believe this was the most effective training Region 8 ESC has ever offered.  The ALICE training changed mindsets & philosophies of grown adults and we all know how difficult that is.


Lee Gill, State & Federal Progams - March 2014
Texas Region 8 - Educational Service Center

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