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Houses of Worship Security Planning

An Active Shooter or Terrorist Attack can happen anywhere

Protecting What you Hold Sacred

Preparing congregations of all sizes and religious belief

ALICE Training for Houses of Worship

Our 3-Step Process

Step 1: Empower your Leadership with Proactive, Dynamic, Options-Based Training.

Educate and certify your leadership team and staff to be proficient in both understanding and execution of ALICE active shooter response protocols.


Purchase the ALICE e-Learning course for each leadership team/staff member.

  • Recommended for all full-time employees, leadership teams, security teams, committee/ministry leaders, etc.
  • Take advantage of highly reduced annual subscription price for Houses of Worship.
  • Share e-Learning training content at scheduled meetings and gatherings to educate and certify teams/committees at no additional cost.
  • Use e-Learning administrative dashboard for accountability and digital record of training history.
  • Outcome: Your House of Worship staff has now created ALICE certified citizens.

Step 2: Protect your congregants with ALICE Training.


Make the ALICE e-Learning program available for families to purchase at a special discount price using a unique promotion code.

  • Family members that purchase ALICE e-Learning can share training content with family and friends at no additional cost.
  • When 60% or more of your congregation successfully complete the ALICE e-Learning program, your House of Worship will have achieved ALICE organizational certification.
  • Outcome: Your families will become ALICE Certified Citizens.

Step 3: Build your team of ALICE Certified Instructors.

Develop in-house ALICE Certified Instructors to implement your active shooter response plan.


Host an ALICE Instructor Certification Training class at your House of Worship.

Option 1: Certify one or more team members at a nearby ALICE Instructor Certification Class.

Option 2: Host an ALICE Instructor Certification Training class at your church (Must meet Hosting Criteria)

  • There is no cost to your House of Worship to host an event.
  • Consider partnering with your local law enforcement departments or schools to bring this training to your community.
  • Your organization is responsible for promoting this upcoming class at your site with a goal of gaining at least 15 paid registrants.
  • ALICE Training provides marketing materials, the trainer and handles registration for your hosted event.
  • As host, you will earn 2 free seats to this training when you reach 15 paid registrants (a $1,190 value).
  • Invite community leaders to attend.
  • Outcome: Your House of Worship now has created several ALICE Certified instructors.

50% of Incidents Take place on Sunday

In the incidents studied by the FBI, 50% took place at Places of Worship on a Sunday.  Specifically, just six events resulted in 21 people killed and 27 wounded.   The ages of the shooters ranged from 24 to 69.

Source: FBI Report, “Study of Active Shooter Incidents between 2000 and 2013.”

Certify Ushers, Greeters, Child Nursery Attendants, Teachers, and Servers as part of your Safety Program.

Most volunteers at a House of Worship have little or no background in security activities including what to do during an active shooting event.  They are typically friendly, always smiling, shaking hands, directing guests and passing offering plates.  Today, greeters, ushers, deacons, ministers, teachers, pastors, nursery attendants, teachers, and servers all share responsibility for the safety and security of the congregation.  ALICE certification can help build that basic training.

Over 3,000,000 trained.  Let’s see what Some have to Say!

“Yes, I’ll be training my House of Worship on what to do, not just to hide and wait, but do things that are going to save their lives.” December 2014

Don McConnell, Rock of Grace Family Ministries

“So we’re talking, at my House of Worship, about “Run-Hide-Fight,” and about ALICE, and about who does what. Not who’s going to be a hero, or how we’re just going to pray enemies away from ever opening our door, but having the basics of assembly and evacuation ready to undergird our faith with action.” November 2015

Jeff Gill, Pastor in Licking County