When a threat is presented, it is time to spring into action. Which is exactly what happened at an elementary school in Anchorage School District on October 3, 2018. A man was dropping off his girlfriend’s daughter at school when her biological father showed up. Once the girl was in school, the father figures had a disagreement in the parking lot. The boyfriend shot and injured the father. When the shots were fired, the school took instant ALICE measures. According to the superintendent, “They said something sounds like a gunshot. The secretary immediately hit a safety button which set this all into motion which was our ALICE drill.” The school practices ALICE drills twice every school year. The running of these drills makes the students and staff more confident. Dr. Bishop also said, “It empowers our students and our teachers to be safe,” Bishop said. “It helps them make the best decisions possible. I want to let you know that the best decisions were made that day at Denali Montessori.” We are glad that none of the staff and students were hurt or targeted, and that they knew what to do as soon as they heard gunshots.