On the morning of January 20, 2017 at West-Liberty Salem High School, Logan Cole left class to go to the bathroom. He could not imagine what would happen to him in there. Logan walked into the restroom and there stood a student with a shotgun. At this time, the student began his attack. Logan Cole recalls being shot and the events that followed. The two staff members, Principal Gregg Johnson and Assistant Principal Andy McGill, heard the gunshot and commotion in the restroom and went in.

The gunman was hiding in the stall. When the shooter heard McGill’s voice, he surrendered the shotgun under the stall door and the gunman was neutralized. After the threat was neutralized, Johnson went around to check classrooms. He only found one that was occupied. It was locked down and had been heavily barricaded. 360 students and staff evacuated. Officers arrived on the scene and received multiple 9-11 calls about this incident. Authorities spoke about the attack saying, “We were busy getting help there to them, and trying to keep them calm, but we didn’t have to give the much direction because they all had had ALICE training.” The staff and students were empowered and were able to keep calm and barricade or evacuate the area. Logan Cole survived being shot twice after quickly receiving medical attention. He has been recognized by several organizations and now speaks about the incident publicly.