On October 27, 2017, a former student of Evansville asked to meet with the Assistant Principal. When they were alone in his office, he noticed the former student acting strange with her hands in her pockets. The Assistant Principal was then informed that she had been having homicidal thoughts and it was not safe to be alone with this former student. He called for help and put a chair between them as she charged at him with a knife. The Assistant Principal and Principal were able to get the knife away from her. The school was placed on an enhanced lockdown and nobody was hurt in this incident. In an article published by Channel 3000 News, they interviewed District Administrator, Jerry Roth, who said, “I’m very proud of them. I look at them as heroes because they took a situation that could have been harmful to somebody and a very serious matter and were able to take control of the situation till police got there,” Roth said. He also said the two administrators knew how to handle the situation because they had been ALICE trained. “They followed that protocol to a T and were very successful in their response,” Roth said.