At the High Springs Community School in High Springs, Florida on January 11, 2019, gunshots were heard by faculty. They were not sure where the shots were ringing from, so they acted fast. They had recently completed ALICE training and they knew what they needed to do.

Hundreds of children and faculty, about 75% of the school’s population, evacuated to a nearby neighborhood and called for help. They were so well evacuated that people in the area could not see them at all and had no idea where they were. The remaining elementary and middle-school students and teachers barricaded classrooms heavily and waited to learn more details.

This was crucial for the High Springs Community School because it allowed them to put their ALICE training into action and make improvements for next time. This event helped the school establish rally points, which also got the community involved. The gunshots ended up not being related to the school or crime. Nobody was hurt in this incident.