Walking across the stage at high school graduation is a moment students’ picture from the time they enter the doors on the first day of their freshman year. It is a day of accomplishment, success and promise. The future is bright for the graduates and so are the smiles of the proud grads and parents. On May 16, 2018 at Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois, shots were fired near the auditorium around 8:00 AM where commencement practice was supposed to occur. The long time ALICE trained school responded using proactive strategies. The seniors led the evacuation from the auditorium and the remaining staff and students immediately locked down and barricaded. The School Resource Officer responded quickly and neutralized the threat before any injuries or deaths occurred. Because of the quick response of everyone involved, these students were able to graduate on Sunday as they were supposed to and get to pursue the dreams and goals they have set for themselves for life after high school.