While sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably, the words “Counter” and “Fight” are very different in meaning, and endorse opposing methods of response during an Active Shooter Event.

To understand this important distinction, here are 5 differences between the ALICE Training Counter tactics and competing recommendations that emphasize Fighting skills:

Countering is Defensive. Fighting is Offensive.

From a legal perspective, the ALICE Training Counter tactics are Defensive and designed to increase survival when a dangerous individual is directing violence at you.

On the other hand, Fighting implies that you and another individual, freely and willingly, are engaged in contact or hand-to-hand combat. Fighting does not force you to defend your life rather you are offensively fighting another individual of your own free will.


Counter is NOT Hand-to-Hand Combat

ALICE Training does not teach individuals how to Fight gunmen. Instead, participants are trained simple, proactive techniques that distract and interrupt an Aggressive Intruder’s ability to observe, orient, decide and act when pulling a trigger.

Unlike Fighting skills which train individuals in gun disarms, striking techniques, and pain compliance, Counter teaches individuals to use noise, movement, distance, and distractions to significantly decrease a shooter’s accuracy. Counter methods are designed to equip individuals with the options-based skills that mitigate casualties and increase survival during an Active Shooter Event.


The Counter Strategy is More Practical

Fighting assumes a degree of fairness and the freedom to decide whether or not to engage your opponent. An Active Shooter directing violence at unarmed civilians is neither fair nor determined by the victim’s own freedom and choice.

Fighting skills and traditional Lockdown strategies (Run. Hide. Fight.) are ineffective at decreasing a shooter’s accuracy and potentially increase the endangerment of individuals during an Active Shooter Event.

For example, Fighting techniques encourage confrontation in unfair situation and decrease an individual’s self-preservation. Additionally, Lockdown strategies discourage movement which is a paramount Counter tactic for decreasing a gunman’s accuracy. Both methodologies lack practicality against an Aggressive Intruder and are less effective at mitigating casualties.


Counter is Easy to Learn

Mastery and retention of Fighting skills requires years of training and practice. Even individuals who are proficient in hand-to-hand combat are unnecessarily endangered when employing their skills against an Active Shooter. This risk or danger substantially propounded when individuals who lack mastery of these techniques attempt to Fight an Aggressive Intruder.

ALICE Training Counter tactics are easier to understand and safer to employ during an Active Shooter Event. Certified ALICE Training for Individuals or Organizations can be administered and implemented within days and while proves more effective at increasing an individual’s chances of survival than years of hand-to-hand combat training.

Counter is Structured and Options-Based

Fighting skills often require a specific context or circumstances in order to be used successfully. However, all Active Shooter Events are unique and present different dangers. For example, how can an individual fight or disarm a gunman who is far out of reach? Fighting techniques do not provide individuals with the structure and options they need to effectively respond to an Aggressive Intruder.

In contrast, Counter tactics provide individuals with structured, options-based strategies that can be effectively employed in any circumstance and mitigate casualties. Counter strategies incorporate the use of noise, movement, distance, and distractions to decrease even a skilled gunman’s ability to shoot accurately. If directly faced with an Active Shooter some strategies including, throwing objects at the gunman’s face, making loud noises, creating distractions and employing movement patterns.

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