Purpose of ALICE Training and its uniqueness go hand in hand. We prepare and equip with knowledge against an active shooter or violent intruder event. Knowledge is power. ALICE equips individuals with knowledge and skills as well as infrastructure for Police/LEK-12 Schools, HealthcareHigher EducationBusiness, Government , and Houses of Worship .”It’s not sufficient to tell somebody just to hide in the corner and hope [police/law enforcement] get there to solve the problem,” As Brian Murrah with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office1 recounts.

As a practical program that is easy to learn and embrace, ALICE Training has been fundamentally consistent and yet continuous refined since its conception in 2001. At its core, ALICE, “breaks down how people think. It gets into your paradigm and gets you thinking in how to protect yourself and not be a victim,” according to Wright State Chief of Police David Finnie2

Equipping with Knowledge

The evolution of fire safety has seen a dramatic shift in the last century. The beginning step of fire safety required recognizing the importance of preventing and preparing in case of a fire. Likewise, we can no longer escape the reality that active shooter events can happen at anytime, in any place, for any reason…or for no reason at all. Preventing and preparing in case of an active shooter or violent intruder event is now recognized as supremely important, and in many cases, supremely outdated.

Governmental and leading law enforcement recommendations state all organizations should plan for more than just a ‘Lockdown-only’ situation. After the rejection of the “lockdown-only”, mandates are now towards training that follow a ‘run, hide, fight’ concept. Every individual’s situation should be empowered and given the authority to make decisions that are best.

ALICE goes beyond just minimal governmental and leading law enforcement recommendations by including the Alert and Inform training so those in harm’s way can make good decisions. Equipping with proper information teaches individuals to participate in their own survival, while leading others to safety. The ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) acronym provides knowledge with purpose:

  • The purpose of ALERT is your first notification of danger
  • The purpose of LOCKDOWN is to secure in place, and prepare to EVACUATE or COUNTER, if needed.
  • The purpose of INFORM is communicate the violent intruder’s location and direction in real time.
  • The purpose of COUNTER is to create Noise, Movement, Distance and Distraction with the intent of reducing the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately. Counter is NOT fighting.
  • The purpose of EVACUATE is to remove yourself from the danger zone when it is safe to do so.

Equipping with Skills

After the recognition of the problem and gaining the knowledge required preventing and preparing in case of a fire, the evolution of fire safety devoted time in acquiring the skill of executing a fire drill. Hands-on life-action training takes knowledge and puts it into practice. Equally, it is paramount for individuals to partake in training and drills against an active shooter event. Knowledge can only be powerful if it is put into practice.

Though no one can guarantee success in active shooter or violent intruder situations, ALICE’s specific and proven tools give individuals tangible skills that will greatly increase the odds of survival. These strategies involve everything from securing your environment efficiently and effectively, informing others and police/law enforcement properly, to counting productively and safely should anyone face this form of disaster.

Equipping Infrastructure

Learning and implementing the fire drill in fire safety protocol is only one component of a proper fire code. Architectural considerations and pre-planning on an organizational level are necessary before a fire drill can be executed well. Comparatively, ALICE Training takes into account the multi-tiered process it takes for Police/LEK-12 Schools, HealthcareHigher EducationBusiness, Government , and Houses of Worship to be properly prepared to handle the threat of an active shooter or violent intruder.

We come along side the various organizations and public entities to create a comprehensive understanding and platform to implement a strategy of preparedness. This includes assisting tools to: form a collaborative planning team; develop a site-risk assessment; implementation preparation; and conducting training and drills. Providing a working Active Shooter plan is a necessity for any organization, which involves preparation, tools, and skills prior, during, and post any Active Shooter situation.

To have ALICE Training teach you or your organization these effective Counter strategies, call 330.661.0106 or contact us online.


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