On June 12, 2016 a lone gunman opened fire at Pulse nightclub killing and wounding many in a horrific mass shooting event. As the events of last week’s tragedy weigh heavy, we continue to keep all of the family members, friends and all of those affected in our thoughts and prayers. We as a society cannot let the actions of this attacker or others intent on taking human life defeat us nor leave us feeling hopeless.

Unarmed civilians can survive and take back control from the increasing number of incidents that are occurring across the country on a daily basis. Traditionally, the response to active shooter and mass shooting situations has been to hide. However, regardless of where these events are taking place, there are options. There will always be a period of time between the beginning of the attack and the arrival of police. The question that begs to be asked, is what individuals can do during that time to survive? There are ways in which individuals can be proactive in their own survival.

Civilians must be informed and trained in their response options. Whether as an individual or part of a larger group there are survival options:


In aggressive intruder and violent events, seconds count! Every action that civilians take to be more proactive helps increase survivability and regain control of an out of control event. Learn more about how you can utilize ALICE Training for your own personal safety.