A topic of current interest in the media is that of how ALICE strategies are taught to young children. Active shooter or violent intruder events are alarming, however preparing children for the unimaginable event of an active shooter is important. This type of training for children is similar to that of the lessons taught in stranger danger and fire drill training. ALICE provides parents and teachers age-appropriate material that enhances ALICE concepts and makes them applicable to children of all ages in a non-fearful way.

ALICE’s instructional book and workbook, “I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared” are resources for teachers and parents. ALICE’s book uses the sheep and shepherd metaphor for if there is a wolf in the room which teaches children how to prepare for a situation in a non-threatening way. In the metaphor, children are the sheep, the teacher is the shepherd and the violent attacker is the wolf. ALICE does not teach children to fight back against an attacker, but to instead listen to the instructions of the teacher. “I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared” storybook and workbook have been listed as Amazon Best Sellers ranking in first and fifth place in the category of crisis management counseling. In addition to ALICE’s storybook and workbook, teachers and parents can also use the following resources.

  • The lessons behind stranger danger can be applied to helping children understand how they should and should not respond to a stranger. These lessons are best illustrated in the stranger danger video and the lessons taught by safety pup.
  • Officer Dan Bickett teaches ALICE strategies to children by crafting the message in an age-appropriate way.

ALICE training is no scarier a type of training than that which prepares children for fire drills or stranger danger. In each of those trainings, children are taught strategies for protecting themselves in a dangerous event. Preparing children for active shooter or violent intruder events is important and can and should be done in a non-threatening and age-appropriate manner.