ALICE Training is happy to announce the acquisition of SafePlans.

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SafePlans – A New Member of the ALICE Training Family

SafePlans was recently acquired by ALICE Training – the leader in options-based civilian active threat response training. This acquisition will spread the mission of SafePlans to a new level, reaching the vast national network of ALICE customers.

 What the ALICE + SafePlans Acquisition Means for SafePlans Customers

We understand that many of you have questions concerning the acquisition and it’s impact on you, our valued customer. In an effort to mitigate any confusion this change may incur, our team put together answers for a list of frequently asked questions.

What is ALICE Training?

ALICE training is the original civilian options-based active shooter response program designed to empower individuals in the face of violence. ALICE prepares leaders to train their classrooms, businesses, and communities to survive. In the chaos of a violent critical incident, every second counts, and ALICE strategies equip civilians with life-saving options that go beyond the traditional and inadequate lockdown-only response. ALICE training’s proactive response options instruct trainees to assess the scenario and make informed survival decisions during violent events.

How will the acquisition affect my current SafePlans’ services or solutions?

If you are a SafePlans’ software subscriber, there will be no immediate functional changes to your custom emergency preparedness platform. Rest assured that any updates to our services and solutions will be made to your benefit, and we are committed to informing you of those changes, prior to their implementation.

What immediate changes will we see?

You may notice some changes or updates to branding on our website, social media, email, and software. As a commitment to our customers, we will do our best to communicate these changes to mitigate any confusion you may have as a result.

Will you still honor service contracts, executed prior to the acquisition?

ALICE Training will work to honor consulting services from SafePlans scheduled prior to the acquisition.