Engage Families & Community Members in Safety Protocols

We are excited to offer a Family & Community Awareness Program to help you introduce ALICE. The program walks the family or community member in your district through the ALICE proactive strategies, how they are taught and delivered and answers frequently asked questions. It is an interactive video that allows the viewer to learn how your staff is prepared to empower students relative to their age and ability.

Times have changed and that reality can be difficult to accept for some families and community members. Their buy-in is important to the success of safety training in schools. We want to ensure families and community members in your district understand the ALICE training as well as your commitment to the safety of your students and staff.

We know it can be challenging to deliver school safety procedure updates. The ALICE Family & Community Awareness Program alleviates this and allows you to properly introduce ALICE to your district.

This program helps families and community members understand:

  • How students and staff are prepared for an active shooter event
  • How students are being trained to respond in an active shooter event
  • How to talk to student about active shooter events and ALICE training

Access to the program is coterminous with your ALICE e-Learning contract, which allows you to distribute access to the link across your district. There are no access limitations or cost to your families.

Our pricing structure is designed so every ALICE school can afford to offer the Family & Community Awareness Program to their district.

Call today to stop the information integrity loss by offering your district the ALICE Family & Community Awareness Program.

Webinar Recording: How to Correctly Engage Family & Community Members in ALICE

Our webinar went over how to help your family and community members understand how you have created a culture of safety in your school.
We covered:

  • How to get ahead of the questions about training and drills
  • How to educate them on ALICE
  • How the ALICE Family & Community Awareness Program works

Resources for You

As the recognized industry leader in Active Shooter/ Violent Intruder Civilian Response Training, the ALICE Training knows how important it is to provide the best training with the best customer support systems to save lives.