ALICE Training is proud to partner with Hanover Insurance Group!

Why ALICE Training:

Active shooter events are over 49% of the time before police arrive. Sheltering in place and waiting for the police to arrive is no longer the most effective course of action. Businesses are the most frequently attacked location, followed by schools and universities, by an active shooter. The reality is that a violent intruder risk is present at any place with a large number of people. How can businesses and places like schools and non-profits take proper safety measures with limited resources?

Hanover Insurance Group Policy Holder Program:

Our Blended Learning training approach is the perfect combination of our online e-Learning content and in-person scenario and skill sessions.  Your team will come to the classroom with foundational knowledge from the e-Learning training, which confirms quality standards have been met. Certified ALICE Instructor(s) will then spend less time with your teams and employees in the classroom and meetings and spend more valuable time focusing on scenarios and drills. Our program makes sure that everyone is prepared should an event happen, not just a select few!

Blended Learning makes it EASY for . . . 

. . . your Organization

  • Saves MONEY. It minimizes time away from the workplace and related travel expense

  • Scalable, Efficient and Fast. Increased ability to deploy training across large organizations

. . . your Employees

  • Saves TIME for participants

  • Higher Learning Retention through interactive learning and rich content


  • FLEXIBILITY to meet your schedule challenges

  • Online reporting show who has completed training