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ALICE Training offers training courses to Police and Law Enforcement to prepare districts to respond to an active shooter eventALICE Training offers active shooter safety training for K-12square-healthcaresquare-higher-edsquare-businessgovernment-redHouses of Worship - Active Shooter Training - ALICE Training

ALICE Training has a solution for your organization. ALICE works in any industry and organizations of any size. We can prepare your organization to respond to violence.

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training instructor led classes provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent on conveying a political message through violence, ALICE Training option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.

Protection and safety must be the priority in an Active Shooter event or Terrorist Attack. Circumstantial and operational concerns vary in every new situation. ALICE Training provides options and classes that address the unique challenges specific to Police/LE, K-12 Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Higher Education, Businesses, Government, and Houses of Worship.

Training Options that work for the largest organization down to a single individual.

Training Organizations Similar to Yours Every Day!

We have been serving individuals and organizations in various fields become more prepared and informed and the numbers are only increasing! Select the ALICE Training Options that fits your individual or organizational needs.

1M + Individuals Trained
Police/LE Departments
K-12 School Districts
Healthcare Facilities
Higher Education Institutions
Government Agencies
Houses of Worship
Individuals / Families


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