ALICE Instructor Certification Training

We share a mission to help save more lives. ALICE proactive options-based strategies go beyond an awareness campaign and empower your staff and students to participate in their own survival. It is impossible for you to be everywhere you need to be when you need to be there and individuals need to know what they can do to survive until help arrives.

Become a Certified ALICE Instructor.

Benefits of class:

  • You will understand the ALICE strategies
  • You will know how to teach the ALICE survival strategies to staff and students
  • You will learn how to plan and conduct drills
  • You will get access to research and material supporting what you are teaching
  • So much more

ALICE trained schools are focused on the safety of all staff and students regardless of their age or ability.  The ALICE options-based strategies are easily adaptable to all levels of cognitive and physical ability to ensure each classroom is prepared for survival.


“You conduct the drills.  Our e-Learning will take care of the classroom.”

Greg Crane, President

Training Format

All class registrants take a pre-requisite e-Learning course to ensure a solid foundation before the 2-day class. Certified ALICE Instructor is an individual who has demonstrated mastery of the (2-day) program through an online test and group presentation in class. It is not guaranteed that all participants who attend the Instructor training will achieve certification.

Instructor Role

Only Certified ALICE Instructors can facilitate the ALICE training program within their school. Instructors, through their school, must provide each training participants with access to the online training materials as part of the training curriculum. This allows the instructor to focus on higher level, site-specific training and the facilitation of example scenarios and drills.


Qualified instructors come from all levels of a school including administrators, teaching and support staff.  Certified ALICE Instructors are passionate about empowering staff, students and their community to participate in their own survival using proactive options-based response options in the face of violence. To qualify to participate in the class you must complete Introduction for ALICE Instructors e-Learning course. Access to the course will be sent within five minutes of class registration.

Maintaining Certification

Once certified, instructors must refresh their training every two years using our online recertification course. Just like fire drills and tornado drills, we require annual active shooter drills with all age and ability levels in your school.  We provide our Instructors with all of the materials needed to conduct hands-on demonstrations, scenarios, and drills.

Two Training Options to become an ALICE Instructor

Webinars for School Resource Officers

Getting Started with Instructor Certification is Easy.

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