Ann Arbor Public Schools – Ann Arbor, MI

As a High School student-run print and online newspaper for Ann Arbor Public Schools, The Communicator reports on the importance of student engagement and understanding of school mass shootings. According to the student-written article, “In 2014, Ann Arbor Public Schools put in place the current emergency system ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate).”

The article grapples with hard questions on the subject of active shooter situations within school walls: what potential causes enable a shooting and what potential steps could be taken to prevent it. Additionally, the report explains the active role the district has taken with ALICE Training protocol and how that has effected the student body.

“District staffers trained to act if/when an intruder entered the building and how to talk about the issue with students. In addition, meetings were held to inform parents of the new procedure, which centered around the idea to eliminate the concept that students became ‘sitting ducks’ during a dangerous situation. Previously, students and staff were to remain quiet and stay in their classrooms, hoping for the intruder to leave the building. ALICE urged them to do everything in their power to not only stop the shooter, but escape.”

We are encouraged to see students engaging with such a topic and being active through being informed and learning how to respond and try to prevent an active shooter situation. Read more.