Deer Lakes School District- Cheswick, PA

In the first of several scenarios capping off a training program Thursday afternoon at Deer Lakes High School, participants simply “locked down” in a classroom in response to an intruder with a gun. They were sitting in a corner when an instructor acting as the gunman burst in. The casualty rate was 100 percent. But on a second go, they knew more about where the intruder was in the building, and that they had time to barricade the door with a table and chairs and use an electric cord to pull it shut. The program

[ALICE] “taught me better survival is to fight back instead of hunkering down and playing hide and seek with an intruder,” said Marissa Bailey, Deer Lakes security administrator. “You’ve got to empower yourself to protect yourself,” said Michael DelCimmuto, director of campus safety and security for the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. “We can take control of the situation and keep ourselves safe,” she Stefanie Hinton, health and physical education teacher from Bedford Area High School, where they teach the program’s concepts to all students. She traveled from Bedford County for a refresher. Read more