La Salle-Peru High School- Lasalle, IL

The program has been initiated at La Salle-Peru High School this year after Steve Sash, Associate Principal for Operations, attended a two-day conference on the method this summer. “The idea behind ALICE is to give individuals an opportunity to make the BEST decision possible to get to a safe place in a code red crisis,” Sash said. “In the past code red meant lockdown and hide in the corner of the room. With ALICE students and staff now have the option to evacuate or lockdown depending on which choice would be the best for the situation. The main idea is to remove yourself from danger. ALICE also reminds us that the best chance for survival when faced with no other option is to fight back [counter]. Students and staff are now instructed when locking down to spread out in the room and be prepared if someone enters the room.” Sash said the biggest benefit to using ALICE is that students and staff can now make a choice to evacuate or lockdown depending on what the best option is to remove themselves from danger. “By practicing, students and staff can react without thinking,” Sash said. “The worst thing that could happen is for students or staff to freeze and do nothing. That is why we practice and prepare.” Read more