Sunnyside School District – Sunnyside, WA

Barricading children in the classroom during an active shooter incident is no longer the only option school employees have when it come to the protection of children. Sunnyside School District’s new security expert, Salliejo Everts, met with the Sunnyside Daybreak Rotary Club recently to explain the district’s ALICE training now underway at Sunnyside High School. Staff there are undergoing the active shooter training as a part of a district pilot program. The district plans to introduce the new training to the rest of the schools in the coming months. ALICE is based on the premise that information, authorization and proactive response training is the key to surviving the active shooter, Everts explained. Everts said the ALICE training approach is based on the premise that getting information out as fast as possible, giving authority to staff and students to make decisions, while taking proactive measures is the key to surviving the active shooter scenario. Read more