Watertown Public Schools- Watertown, MA

Watertown Public Schools, with the help of the Watertown Police, are in the midst of training the youngest students what to do if a lockdown is ordered at their school. Soon, with a public training scheduled for Dec. 3, the whole town will have a chance to learn the ALICE system. Last year, the Watertown Public School system began implementing ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate, a training program that is specifically designed to teach students how to respond if an intruder breaches a school in the district. “Each training has been a great success and elicited positive feedback from parents, teachers and administration,” Team Coordinator Jason DelPorto, who also serves as the principal for the Watertown Middle School said. “ WPS Superintendent Jean Fitzgerald said she thought the training is necessary in modern times. “Instead of just waiting and staying, the system allows for independent decisions,”  DelPorto added. “It’s a terrifying situation and ALICE is meant to offer more options for people in a lockdown.” “We’ll have annual drills, testing evacuation, enhanced lockdown, shelter in place and advanced lockdowns at the schools,” DelPorto said. “I think we’re ahead of the curve with this training. It’s really a national wave and although it’s a horrible commentary on our culture, we think it is better to adapt and be prepared.” Read more