Needham Schools- Needham, MA

Parents gathered Feb. 24 at Broadmeadow Elementary School to discuss new safety protocol ALICE. Currently being introduced to Needham schools, the protocol is intended to replace Needham’s current lockdown protocol.Superintendant Dan Gutekanst, Pollard Middle School Principal Tamatha Bibbo and Needham Police Chief John Schlittler joined Campbell in leading the discussion. According to Gutekanst, the training’s length is due to the number of people needing training, and the need to introduce ALICE in a constructive, but not alarming, way. So far teachers have gone through tabletop and walk-through exercises where they assessed barricading and evacuating options for their classrooms. “They know their rooms best, they know what door sticks, they know what window’s easy [to open],” Bibbo said. According to Bibbo, feedback from teachers has been positive so far. “We heard that teachers felt for the first time that they were able to make decisions,” said Bibbo. An online ALICE training program will teach people to recognize gunshots, among other skills. “You’ll come up with a lot of different reasons of what that sound might be before you get to gunshot,” said Campbell. Read more[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]