Tecumseh Public Schools – Tecumseh, MI

The ALICE program is in full swing in Tecumseh. School administrators and teachers are teaming up with local law enforcement in the event of a school threat, learning things like closing the door to a classroom and barricading themselves in. Administrators and teachers from Tecumseh, Morenci, Blissfield, Hudson and Sand Creek took part in this training, which included many different scenarios being played out. “Statistics show that it increases survivability significantly,” said Tecumseh High School Assistant Principal Angel Mensing, “so historically speaking it’s proven to be very effective and it just really helps to give options.” This type of training is especially significant in the Tecumseh school district.  Just recently two 16-year-old high school students were arrested and charged with the Threat of Terrorism.  Police feel this training could be the difference between life and death for students and staff. “We’re empowering our teachers who are then going to empower our students,” said Tecumseh Police Sergeant BJ Horn, “we’re teaching them that the lockdown only drills are not the best option, it is an option but we also need to teach them to evacuate, to fight back if needed.” Plans are in place for this to be an ongoing training for all teachers and students in the Lenawee County school district.  Students in grades K-12 are expected to participate in this ALICE training very soon. Read more