Charleston High School- Charleston, IL

That kind of thinking is what Charleston school district officials say they want to use as a new approach in case of, at worst, an armed intruder or, at least, an intruder of any kind. Tim Keefe, the high school’s assistant principal, and the district’s other assistant principals have gone through training in what’s called the ALICE program and will soon share that training with other staff and students. “You can do more than just sit and wait and hope no one comes in,” district Superintendent Jim Littleford said. Using a lockdown approach was “OK at one time” but the prevalence of school shootings in recent years “tells us that strategy wasn’t working very well,” Littleford said. He called the ALICE approach a “changing of the mindset” to thinking about barricading doors to discourage an armed intruder from entering a room or evacuating if a shooter is in a different part of the building. Read more