Bowling Green University- Bowling Green, OH

University Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Monica Moll also spoke at Faculty Senate about new policies for active shooters on Campus, including ALICE training, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. “You just want to buy enough time until the police get there,” Moll said. She suggested first trying to evacuate. If there are no means of escape, the next step is to barricade the entranceways. She specifically advised that within an attack no one should be passive. “We’re not making it difficult at all for an untrained kid with a gun to kill people,” Moll said about sitting idle during an attack. To make it difficult, those under attack of an active shooter should be prepared with something to fight back with, which will slow down the shooter and possibly open an avenue for escape. “We’re not trying to make you trained killers or fighters,” Moll said. “We’re just trying to get away from that mindset of making you sitting ducks.” Read more