San Diego Community College District- San Diego, CA 

Faculty and staff members throughout the San Diego Community College District soon will be trained in skills they hope they never have to use: how to evade and even overtake a campus shooter. About 40 Miramar College faculty and staff members took the four-hour course offered by ALICE – Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate – which teaches defensive techniques that range from evacuating areas to swarming a gunman.“I feel like we have a lot more options than I realized,” said Denise Borey, an assistant in the admissions office and works in senior student services at the school. Going into the training, Borey said she expected the message to be that people could “go down fighting” by standing up to a shooter. Afterwards, she said she believed that unarmed people had more of a chance against a gunman than she realized. “The shooter doesn’t have to succeed,” she said. “Now, we have a little better strategy and know we can work together as a team.” Read more