Seneca Valley School District- Harmony, PA 

Cranberry police officers for the third consecutive year will conduct patrols at three Seneca Valley elementary schools. Uniformed officers were hired by the school district to spend time at Rowan Elementary, Haine Elementary and Haine Middle Schools throughout the school year. “Changes we made to the elementary schools were made after Sandy Hook and were certainly influenced by the tragedy that took place there, however, this was something we were considering prior to that event,” Seneca Valley Communications Director Linda Andreassi said. Teachers have taken part in active shooter drills and Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE) training, and are provided with a crisis management flip chart to keep with them, Andreassi said. “Everybody’s working together, because everybody wants to make schools safe,” Jeff Schueler, Cranberry Director of Public Safety. Read more