Fillmore County – Preston, MN

Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase explains why he believes county employees should be prepared for in the case of an active shooter situation or attack, primarily in the language difference between “if” and “when”.

“I don’t say ‘if it happens,’ but ‘when.’ ‘If’ is infinity, and then you don’t take the steps necessary to take the training you need. I say ‘when it happens’ because then you take the steps necessary, and when it happens, you think about what you need to do and react…your options are thought out before it happens.” – Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase.

The rise of local school districts – such as Kingsland, Spring Valley and Wykoff’s district, or Chatfield – using age-appropriate ALICE training in preparation for an active shooter event has sparked more training in public and private sectors in Preston, MN. Kaase leads the way for ALICE training protocol for the courthouse, believing that “the security of the courthouse is the responsibility of the sheriff’s office.”