Antwerp Local Schools – Antwerp, OH

The bomb threat was scrawled on the boys bathroom wall saying there was an explosive set to detonate at a certain time at Antwerp Local Schools on Tuesday, January 27. The Antwerp Police Department took action with Chief George Clemens taking charge of the operation and investigation. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training has been implemented with all county emergency personal as a coordinated effort by the Sheriff’s Office. Clemens stated, “We take safety serious for the students and the teachers. Everyone worked very well together. I am very pleased with the Sheriff putting these practices in place for when the real thing hits like this!” Pat Ross commented on being pleased with the operation, “The training the teachers, administration and bus drivers went through has paid off. The students were escorted timely to the busses and then transported safely to the offsite location. I’m very appreciative of all the staff, aids, Sheriff, and police. Everyone worked well together for the safety of the children.” Read more