City College- New York, NY

How prepared is City College in such situation? According to the City College website, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Emergency Preparedness Department has developed a campus emergency response team that works in conjunction with district police to act as first responders to emergencies. Active shooter response program training is being offered for faculty and staff. Richard Ferrell, a San Diego Community College District police officer, said the training involves a program called ALICE “Training like this is critical in my opinion,” said June Cressy, who was among the first City College staff members to participate in the ALICE training. “Faculty, staff and students. We are a community. We have a responsibility,” Cressy said. “We have a police force but they can’t be everywhere.The more of us that know what to do, the safer the community.” “ALICE training is not meant to go out and beat the crap out of someone. It’s to go out and defend yourself when there is no other choice,” said Cressy. Read more