Lenawee County Emergency Management- Lenawee County, MI

An increased number of mass shootings and natural disasters across the United States has put a greater demand on Lenawee County Emergency Management Coordinator Curtis Parsons’ time on a local level. From area manufacturing plants and public service buildings to schools, Parsons has found himself addressing staff and administrators on increased awareness of disaster events. He said people are constantly reminded of the ever-evolving need to stay informed with the newest information in the wake of mass shootings across the United States to a tornado outbreak across southern states last week. Although Parsons has spoken to a number of organizations about natural disasters — nine of the top 15 hazards facing Lenawee County residents are tied to weather — active-shooter scenarios are the latest topics being discussed on how to react to them. Parsons said the “Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE)” approach to active-shooter events is the newest way to react. The procedure helps businesses and schools alert those who might be in harm’s way and help people find an opportunity to evacuate if appropriate. “We’ve embraced ALICE at all the county schools, and have trained 75 administrators, teachers and police across the county,” Parsons said. Last year, a large-scale school-shooter drill took place at Addison High School, carefully followed by several dozen law enforcement and local. Read more