Gridley Unified School District- Gridley, CA

The Gridley Unified School District is rolling out a new emergency response program that would train students and staff to have a more proactive role in the event of an active shooter. “Active shooters and gun violence at schools is a huge problem throughout the country, and California is no exception,” Gridley superintendent Rick Rubino said. Gridley has adopted the ALICE model, which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate, and has begun implementing the program. The new model requires increased training of students and staff, and collaboration with local law enforcement. In the district’s previous plan, which was a prevalent model, students and teachers would hide, according to Rubino.Joey Adame, principal of Gridley High School, introduced the model to the school board, and conducted a drill using the model with administrators. The district has officially adopted the model, and included it in their strategic plan for 2015-18. Representatives from the agencies will help conduct trainings for staff and the 2,000 students at the five schools in the district. Read more