Harmony Area School District- Westover, PA

Harmony Area School Board members on Tuesday heard about safety training the school district has recently implemented. School technology Coordinator Doug Martz and elementary school Principal Terri Butterworth reviewed Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate – also known as ALICE training. Martz and Butterworth said the training would be used in the event of a violent intruder or other manmade emergency situations threatening the safety of students and staff. The two said they received instruction at a recent ALICE exercise at West Branch Area School District this summer, and used what they learned to teach the method to the district’s teachers prior to the beginning of school. Butterworth said the district is currently in the process of instructing ALICE to students. Butterworth said ALICE training teaches students and staff to use their senses to assess a crisis and determine what can be done to provide the best chance for as many as possible to keep from being harmed. Board member Roberta Bradford said, “I’m excited to see this process put into place.” Read more