Opelika, AL

I read with intense interest a story by Cynthia Williford that appeared on the front page of the O-A News on Thursday, July 16, titled “Local church leaders eye safety and security.” Before reading the first line, I knew this probably was some sort of response to the Charleston church shooting that tragically left nine innocent souls dead as they were having a Bible study. Auburn University active shooter trainer Chance Corbett presented the ALICE program, which is a plan of action in the event of an active shooter formulated by the ALICE Training of Medina, Ohio. There is a YouTube video, “Auburn University active shooter response training – ALICE,” that is worth watching to see a staged classroom of students respond to an active shooter. One could only hope and pray that the outcome would be as good as the one in this video, where the students immediately spring into action and throw books and backpacks at the shooter and quickly overpower him and take his gun with only one student getting shot. I am wholeheartedly in favor of having a plan of action in the event of an attack from a perpetrator(s) whose intent is to terrorize and kill innocent victims. Read more