Iowa City Community School Dstrict- Iowa City, IA

Before school started, teachers took part in a training program called ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter Evacuate). They experienced a mock attack which was put on using machines to create sound effects. Teachers also practiced different methods of communication while under an attack and what to do in such a situation. Just a few years ago, if a school was under attack, the go-to solution would be to go under lockdown. After observing past school shootings, the new plan of action is to allow each teacher to decide what is best. “You need to make your best judgment, not just to stay in one area and cower,” West principal Gregg Schoultz said. “You need to use all of your senses and any data you have … you’re going to do your best to keep (students) safe. If that means you see the shooter going away and you slip out a door that’s nearby, that’s fine … or if you say no, I’m going to lock this door, turn off the lights, get everybody quiet and if someone comes in the door we’re going to throw things at them, that’s what you do.” Read more