Williamsport Area School District- Williamsport, PA

Teachers at Williamsport Area School District were in the classroom Monday morning as students of a potentially life-saving lesson. About 40 teachers and 10 administrators joined local police in active shooter training, held at Curtin Intermediate School.  David Wright, director of student services at the district, said the training is part of a comprehensive plan to keep students safe. While other aspects of the plan are designed to prevent attacks, the active shooter training prepares teachers and administration for the worst-case scenario. “We have nothing that makes us believe we’re at any more risk than anybody else,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is provide our folks with the preparation if that happens.” “In a scenario based on the barricade those folks did in that room, the individual who was portraying an intruder (a member of the Williamsport Bureau of Police) could not gain access to that room,” he said. Training in student safety is ongoing, Wright said, with additional sessions already scheduled throughout the winter that will engage teachers who did not participate Monday. Read more