John Marshall High School- Moundsville, WV

Students at John Marshall High Schoolexperienced an ALICE training drill on Tuesday. During the training drill, students learned the latest strategies for surviving and even taking down a school shooter. “We decided to run because if an intruder is on a different floor, we’re not going to stay like sitting ducks pretty much,” said senior, Cassidy McCord.”A big part of some of these drills is to expose some of our weak areas so. The best part of these, when we blow the air horn here, is when we go into the rooms and see the conversations kids and staff are having about what would they do if the threat were right outside, what would they do if the threat were at the other end of the building,” said Principal, Rick Jones. For instance, one substitute teacher didn’t know what to do because she’d never been trained and one classroom door wouldn’t lock. The principal says that’s why they hold drills, to learn where changes are needed. Read more