Kanawha County Schools- Charleston, WV

Kanawha County Schools want students and teachers prepared for the worst and are increasing the number of active shooter drills. At Ruthlawn Elementary, students completed an Alice training several weeks ago. Kanawha County Schools is now requiring four drills. Accompanying this story is video of law enforcement practicing an active shooting drill. Students are now being instructed to evacuate,  instead of barricading inside the classroom.  Hiding and locking the classroom door is the second alternative.  Either way, fourth-graders at Ruthlawn Elementary say they feel more confident knowing that they are prepared. “If it did happen, and we weren’t prepared we would be like, ‘What do we do? ’” fourth-grader Addie Armstrong said. “It would be crazy.” Kanawha County Schools Superintendent Ron Duerring said it’s important to “empower them to take control of the situation. We see what happened with how many lives have been lost and if there are new procedures and ways of handling the situation and it saves lives, then it’s worth it.” Read more