Centerville City Schools- Centerville- Dayton, OH

School tragedies raised new attention about the safety of our children — even young children in elementary schools. Tonight, a special report on how a Miami Valley district is talking about gunmen with children as young as 6. Tina Coons and Al Agnew both have children attending Cline Elementary in Centerville and like most parents they are concerned about the recent rash of bomb threats in the Miami Valley and school violence across the country. A video the district uses helps educate younger students about “stranger danger.”Centerville City Schools Superintendent Tom Henderson says the video is a good tool to help protect children from an armed intruder. Henderson says they do regular ALICE practice drills. In addition, he says, all doors at Centerville schools have locks and security cameras inside. In a number of school tragedies across the country students knew violent behavior was being discussed or planned. Henderson says, like many districts, Centerville teaches kids that if they see or hear something to say something. Read more