Lake County- Painesville Township, OH

After seeing ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training at Riverside High School, Lake County Commissioner Judy Moran said it was her goal to have every county department receives active shooter training.“It’s important for the times we live in,” she said. Moran said she has a responsibility as a commissioner to make sure county employees have a safe work environment and they get to return home to their families at night.While the department does have emergency protocols in place, they hadn’t really done a training to help employees understand these kind of situations, he said. Thanks to Sgt. Larry Harpster of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Job & Family Service Department’s 190 employees are the first in the county to receive active shooter training. “We talked to him and he (Harpster) came over toured our building himself so he could see firsthand what our setup was and how our building was structured and so forth. He gave us some suggestions on how we could increase our security, but more importantly to me, he’s going to be doing training for all of our employees.” “As I told my employees, as unlikely it is for a tragedy like this to strike us, I also don’t want to have my head in the sand.” “We need to be as diligent as we can to be as prepared as we can for these types of circumstances or other types of emergency situations,” said Lake County Jobs & Family Services Director Matt Battiato. Read more