Vernon County- Nevada, MO

Members of the Vernon County community watched a presentation about active shooters and how to respond in case such an emergency happened in Vernon County. He told the audience about A.L.I.C.E, an acronym for the five steps one should use to increase chances of survival: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. “Alert can be anything, tell police what you see, hear, touch, feel, or smell,” Bastow told the audience. “Lockdown if you decide not to evacuate the building, secure the room. Cover windows, barricade windows with anything that budges.” He asked members of the audience to think of ways to help protect their building. Doug Hundley, vice-chairman of LEPC and the director of Integrated Services at Nevada Regional Medical Center said it would be hard for him to get everyone out of the hospital in the event of an active shooter emergency. “Inform, by any means necessary to pass on real time information,” a document Bastow handed out during the presentation said. Counter should be used proactive techniques when encountered by the active shooter.Jennifer Whiteside, an LEPC member, environmental health and safety engineer at 3M and the emergency response coordinator at 3M said she was glad she attended the presentation because she learned about swarming and was interested in using it as a tactic to help save people from attackers. Read more