Sikeston School District- Sikeston, MO

School remains one of the places parents expect their children to be safe, and local education and law enforcement officials have taken measures to increase security and ensure safety in and around schools. Missouri law requires school personnel to go through an active shooter training led by law enforcement. To better prepare school personnel on how to react during emergency situations, last month the district conducted its annual active shooter training at each of the buildings in the district. “Teachers handled it well, and we had some great questions,” Jenkins said of the session. The state law does not require this training to be done annually; however, the Sikeston district has chosen to conduct an active shooter training for the faculty with Sikeston DPS every year as a proactive measure, according to R-6 Safety Coordinator Scott Ezell. Sikeston R-6 personnel practiced on Sept. 21 the ALICE principles in various active shooter scenarios simulated by Sikeston DPS officers. ALICE is the training program used by Sikeston R-6 and represents the five principles of the program: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.”These principles of the ALICE program also integrated very well with our district’s past plans and procedures, which have, over the past eight years, included the two options for staff in the event of an intruder: to either lock down and take cover or to evacuate the students out of the affected area,” said Ezell, who along with Sgt. Casey Riddle of Sikeston DPS is a certified instructors for the ALICE Training. Read more