Hannibal Schools -Hannibal , MO

Local teachers in Hannibal are learning how to protect your child from a potential school shooter. Teachers and administrators were put through several different scenarios Wednesday afternoon as part of ALICE training done by Hannibal Police. ALICE stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter and evacuate. It’s aimed at making teachers aware of different situations that could happen in a school setting.This training gave teachers the knowledge and awareness that anything can happen at any moment. “My first instinct is to protect my kids at all costs no matter what I have to do,” History Teacher Mindy Prenger said. “Locking the doors, barricading, protecting them, moving them towards a window if that’s an exit opportunity. Just to make sure they’re safe and to get them out.” “It’s really pretty nerve wracking even though we know this is training and it’s a drill, your adrenaline still gets pumped up,” Dean of Students Jacob Grevinger said. Hannibal Police say after Wednesday’s training, they’re confident teachers and staff would react exactly how they should. “It’s a little more reassuring,” Borgmeyer said. “Knowing that they have a plan of response, they have options to be able to get our kids out of here.” An all too real lesson, as teachers prepare for the worst. Read more[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]