Indian Creek High School- Jefferson County, OH

A local teenager is making sure that every classroom at his high school is safe by donating what he’s calling Survival Buckets. He’s hoping that by having these buckets in each classroom, that students and teachers will be able to escape or defend themselves in case of an active shooter situation.  As part of an Eagle Scout Project, Harrison Trikones, 17, is making sure that each class room has a 5-gallon bucket containing 5, 24-inch zip ties, a can of wasp spray, a hammer, and 20 feet of half-inch rope, in case an active shooter were to enter Indian Creek High School. Trikones hopes that this will make everyone feel safer especially when it’s partnered with the ALICE Training that students and teachers have already gone through. Resource Officer David Darago says the buckets are last resorts but it’s just another tool in the toolbox that the occupants in that room can use to make a life saving decision. Read more