Claymont City Schools – Uhrichsville, OH

The New Philadelphia Lowe’s store has made a donation to Claymont City Schools of 212 5-gallon buckets full of essential items needed in case a violent intruder gained entry to a building. The donation grew out of training that school employees received through the ALICE Training. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. The district will put in practice lessons the three employees learned at the ALICE training, Brandie Fox said. In the past, teachers were told to hide their students in a corner. “They taught us to spread the kids out in the classroom,” Fox said. “They don’t want them all together.” They were also taught to throw things at intruders. “It won’t stop them, but it will deter them and throw them off balance,” she said. Some teachers put rocks in their “Go Buckets” to throw. Another thing they learned was how to set up a classroom. Fox said they were taught to put the teacher’s desk in the back of the room, because that is what an intruder will target first. The kids in the front can then get out of the room immediately. “This is the most useful training I’ve ever had,” Fox said. Read more