Maynard Public Schools- Maynard, MA

“Our 16-hour training was intensive and eye opening …,” stated Sean Perham, a parent and art teacher at Fowler School. “As an educator, and parent of a child in the [Maynard Public Schools] district, I find this program to be empowering, giving me the knowledge, ability and authority for what to do when faced with a violent intruder in our schools.” Charles Gobron, curriculum consultant for Maynard Public Schools said the entire Maynard Public Schools staff has received informational training, and students are next on the list. Training will be age-appropriate, he said. At Green Meadow, for example, classroom teachers will read books on the topic of safety. Routine fire drills will also be given a new twist. Gobron said ALICE protocols are not designed to be used in sequence, but rather for students and teachers to do what makes sense at the time. “If we didn’t have a way to get out and there was someone in the hall it would be good for us to barricade the door in some way,” Gobron said. “You have to use common sense,” said Gobron. “If someone came in right now and they were at the office with a gun, we should run out that door,” he said, indicating the back door of the room. While ALICE is specifically designed for an active shooter incident, Victoria Shaw, Public Relations Coordinator for the Alice Training Institute, said the concepts could be applied to any type of violent situation. Read more