Middletown School District – Middletown, RI

Staff and students of the Middletown School District will soon receive real-world training on how to respond or even fight back in the event a shooter targets a school. Speaking in front of the School Committee on Thursday, Sept. 18, Middletown Police School Resource Officer Kevin Ferreira said the training, called ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate), was developed after the Columbine High School massacre to provide “options for maximal survival.” “It is a bit eye-opening as a teacher,” said Superintendent Rosemarie Kraeger. Committee Chair Theresa Spengler agreed it was a different approach, but stated it was a “very smart decision” to evacuate the building. How victims respond may dramatically impact their chances of survival. During the Virginia Tech massacre, two proactive victims were killed, compared to 28 victims who waited for police,” said Ferreira. Read more