LeRoy-Ostrander & Southland School Districts- Mower County, MN

However, many schools still have not adjusted their lockdown protocols to meet federal guidelines and continue to solely use the traditional lockdown procedure for all threats. “Some schools don’t want to admit that they need to take care of this because it’s scary,” Shaw said. “The concern is, what is the answer? How do we combat this? What’s the right answer? Some of those districts don’t know what to switch to.” If a district fails to protect students from injury and provide an appropriate standard of care — including compliance with federal and state recommendations — that district can be found negligent, according to ALICE. Schools are responsible for students from the moment they step on the bus to go to school to the moment they get off the bus afterward, Shaw said.”Every school takes safety very seriously,” Joyce said. “We train our staff and do our best to improve our plans for a variety of emergency situations. … We can never do enough to ensure that we are ready for every emergency, but all this helps do our best to prepare if something happens.” Despite receiving and conducting training for his school district, Joyce said the work is never finished; the stakes are too high not to keep pushing for training. Read more