NICC Officials Discuss Updates in Active Shooting Response Plan

Northeast Iowa Community College- Peosta, IA

One day after the shootings at an Oregon community college, Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta is reviewing its own safety procedures. On Friday afternoon Northeast Iowa Community College administrators met with Peosta police to talk about recent changes to the school’s emergency incident response plan. The meeting was planned weeks ago. “We’re a community college so we’ve got doors open to the public,” NICC Incident Commander Dan Neenan said. “If we can fend that off and get them the help they need, hopefully we can prevent something like that from happening,” said Neenan. But they know they can’t prevent everything. That’s why faculty and staff take part in Alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate or ALICE training each semester. They’ve learned the old turn off the lights and hide under a desk plan, isn’t always the best response. Read more


October 2nd, 2015|
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