North Montgomery Community School Corporation- Crawfordsville, IN 

The North Montgomery Community School Corporation is taking active shooter training to the next level. The Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter and Evacuate program is a crisis training program being introduced to give participants insight and response options when encountering an active shooter. On Monday, North Montgomery Community School Student Resource Officer Brett Dale presented initial training to staff members at Lester B. Sommer Elementary School. “Dr. (Colleen) Moran first heard about the program at a conference and she brought the idea back here to incorporate it,” Dale said. “I spent three days doing initial training and am beginning to train the staff at the schools.” This method is taught in most schools today, and in fact, is taught to every class in the North Montgomery school district. “We tell our kids to be quiet and act like they are playing hide-and-go seek,” kindergarten teacher Cynthia Ferling said. Sommer Principal Suzi Gephart is on board with the new training procedures after attending many safety seminars and sessions. “We are more prepared than we ever have been,” Gephart said. “But we all know something can happen. ALICE is the next level of training that can help keep our schools safer.” “We are the first school corporation in Montgomery County to use ALICE training,” Dale said. “I think it is good and brings us up a notch in keeping our kids and teachers safe.” Moran is pleased to have started the ALICE training. “These strategies can apply to our safety in all settings,” she said. Read more